GMTE bipartite sampler.

The sampler has a pipe which is split longitudinally, has a head with a ball valve and tempered footing.


Unaltered PVC sampler.

Includes a ball valve, an extension pipe which houses the first centimetres of sample taken, a sample carrier pipe divided into two parts threaded together to facilitate the extraction of the plastic pipe and a cutting shoe in tempered steel. Available in 63 and 75 mm diameters. The PVC pipe is not included.

Tomamuestras Shelby

Thin walled sampler ("Shelby" pipe)

This sampler is designed for obtaining unaltered samples. The pipe is driven into the ground by static pressure quickly and at a constant speed. To facilitate penetration, the point is bevelled to create a cutting edge. The pipe is treated with zinc to avoid rusting. Available in a diameter of 80 mm.

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