32 mm diameter rods with cones for DPSH dynamic penetration tests.

DPSH dynamic penetration tests are continuous tests that count the number of blows required to drive in a section of 20 cm rod. We stock all the tools needed to carry out the test which are manufactured according to ISO standards. The rods supplied are marked and come with nipples.

Tapa pozo

Well covers.

Manholes for wells. Available in various diameters, with or without sealing gasket and with either zinc-coating or in stainless steel.

This is a registered product.

Giratoria inyección

Injection swivel.



With tungsten carbide inserts or in tempered steel. Various types and sizes.

Campana pesca

Fishing magnets and retrievers.

Válvula fangos

Sludge valve

Designed to retrieve markers in muddy terrain. Available in 86 and 101 mm diameters.

Estribo maniobra

Manoeuvring stirrup.

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